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Dear Fighting Irish Football Fans,

Once more this last 2015 season, great football games contributed to incredible memories. Our teams fought hard all season long and represented their school with lots of pride and success. Again this year we are very happy with the new formula allowing our bantam players to be introduced to football in a safe and secure game environment. The undeniable quality of the football program offered at St. Pat’s, from the football profile to the competitive school teams, upholds student growth and success both on the field and in the classroom. As well, the high-quality coaching staffs – thanks to the implication of former students who are really making a difference—help create the ultimate recipe for success. Great job everyone! We must now look straight ahead, and keep going in the same direction.

I am taking this opportunity to reiterate my support to the St. Pat’s football program. We have a solid structure in place. Season after season, the Football Parent Committee is doing a fantastic job in supporting our program by putting together many activities and fundraising events within the school’s foundation. Your continued encouragement and commitment are vital to the success of the program. Thank you!

Not only is the success of the Fighting Irish football program built around a dedicated coaching staff and unconditional support from the parents, but it stems first and foremost from the players’ tenacious will and their strong desire to represent their school with pride and dignity. This fact alone speaks volumes about values such as team work, effort, and self-accomplishment, which we strive to instill in our students through interscholastic sports, competitive football, as well as academics.

Thanks to everyone who dares make a difference in our students’ lives. This is definitely what keeps the St. Pat’s tradition very much alive and promised to a bright future.

André Gosselin, Principal
St. Patrick's High School

Honorary patron Glen Constantin


Another football season is going on for St. Pat’s green jerseys and once again, I want to extend my best wishes of success and mainly, of fun to all the team members, including the players, the coaches, the management and the volunteers surrounding St. Pat’s and high school football.

If I mention success and pleasure, it is because football must be both a competitive activity and a formation process. Of course, when we compete, we always want to win and this is a fact that grows up along the degree of the sport caliber. However, especially at high school level, sport must mainly be an amusement, a pleasure and an opportunity to create new contacts and make new friends; it must also be a school of human values where we learn to respect his team, his logo, his teammates, his coaches and his opponents.

Sport and especially team sport like football is a great school of life and I can assume it myself since it is at St. Pat’s that I have personally started my football career and ever since, I have always been deeply attached to the green jerseys.

So my message to every St. Pat’s player is have fun and surpass yourself and if you develop your skills, your athletic capacities and your passion for football, who knows? There might be a University nearby, waiting for you.

Have a great football season.

Glen Constantin
Class of '81


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